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Pro-Fine Plastics Sdn. Bhd. is a reputable and fast-growing plastics injection moulding company based in Malaysia with a strong track record since 1995. Our company main activities are
manufacture of plastic injection moulding products which supplying plastic components & others plastic secondary processes to our valuable customers in the USA. We are presently manufacturing components for Electronic, Electrical, Home appliance, Medical, Automotive sectors and others.

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The Core Business

The core business of Pro-Fine Plastics is manufacturing and supplying plastic components made by means of plastic injection molding. Aside from Malaysia, Pro-Fine Plastics also has its products exported to overseas countries such as United States (USA), Australia, China, Singapore, United Kingdom, to name a few.

In the bid to better serve its clients, Pro-Fine Plastics also offers custom plastic injection molding service to meet the clients’ individual production needs and requirements.

The Best Plastic Injection Moulding Company in Malaysia

Quality is Our Product, Service is Our Promise

Pro-Fine Plastics as a plastic injection molding company in Malaysia runs its business on a foundation of going beyond customer satisfaction and expectations regarding market competitiveness and services in the USA. It is perhaps the timely support and the excellent product quality that have catapulted Pro-Fine Plastics to the pinnacle of fame, surpassing other plastic molding manufacturers. The move keeps in line with its slogan “Quality is our product, service is our promise”.

Always upholding the philosophy of Kaizen, Pro-Fine Plastics continuously seeks for improvement so as a long term growth is promised. Striving to be the best plastic molding manufacturer in Malaysia, Pro-Fine Plastics constantly challenges itself to go the extra mile in expanding the plastic molding industry in Malaysia on a global scale.

moulding company in malaysia

Management Policy

PRO-FINE is committed to :

Achieve customer satisfaction through providing valuable support and excellent product quality.
Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements.
Sustain long term growth through continual improvement in
  • Reduction of Hazardous Material Usage
  • Resource Conservation and Recycling
  • Energy Conservation
  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Environmental Education

Awards & Recognition

We have been awarded best supplier for quality, delivery, and service by Sato Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd

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