Pro-Fine Plastics, a prominent provider of plastic injection molding component in Malaysia, was established in 1995. Our services include manufacturing and distributing plastic components and custom plastic injection molding.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Pro-Fine Plastics has built a solid reputation in the USA for excellence and reliability when we have ample time to refine our production processes and stay ahead of industry trends. As a result, we constantly deliver the highest quality plastic injection molding equipment and services to our clients.

One Stop Manufacturing & Distributing of Plastic Injection Moulding Components In Malaysia

Additionally, we now offer a wide variety of injection machines that are dependable, durable, and suitable for plastic injection molding in the USA. Our machines boast a clamping force range of 45 to 420 tonnes, ensuring versatility to accommodate various project requirements. 

To further enhance the value we offer, Pro-Fine Plastic’s dedicated team of skilled technicians and engineers provide expert support and guidance, ensuring seamless operation and maximizing the efficiency of our injection machines. 

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