With our highly qualified tooling designers, we help customers in the USA to develop
mold designs that would balance several considerations, including aesthetics, materials, costs, production, and assembly to produce high-quality components and suit to the functionality of customers’ products.

Our Professional Tooling Design Supplier for Plastic Injection Moulding in Malaysia

Our tooling design supplier will select the best possible steel material that is practical and cost-effective for manufacturing customer products.

At our core, we prioritise customer satisfaction and deliver excellence in every aspect of our services in the USA. Our team of skilled plastic mold makers are well-versed in the intricacies of tooling, ensuring precise and efficient designs for your specific requirements.

We understand the crucial role that tooling plays in processes like plastic injection molding. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate with our clients’ manufacturing processes, optimising productivity and minimizing downtime.

Profine Plastics offer services includes:
Surface Grinding
Lathe, Radial Drill, Milling

Why Choose Us

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Cost Effectiveness

We consistently provide our customers with a cost effective solution and high value product.

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28 Years Industry Experience

Our professional and expertise to produce high precision part for multiple industries.

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Quality Product

To Produce and deliver high quality product, exceeding customers’ requirement and expectation (Certified to ISO 9001:2015 / UL No E198785 for Plastic Parts)

plastic injection malaysia

Customer Responsiveness

We consistently provide high level of response to our clients' requests.

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