Industries That We Served

Providing Solutions for Various Industries Need & Requirement

The industrial segment is defined by a wide selection of injection molded products for many markets and a variety of requirements in the USA; all within the framework of today’s world of aggressive delivery and cost expectations. As a reliable plastic components & part manufacturer in Malaysia, we excel in serving a wide range of industries. Our commitment to delivering top-quality products aligns with today’s demanding landscape of aggressive delivery timelines and cost expectations.

The industrial segment encompasses a vast array of markets and their specific requirements. We understand the importance of providing customized injection molded products that meet the diverse needs of each industry. Whether it’s the metering instrument sector, barcode printer and surveillance security industry, consumer electronics, healthcare and medical supplies, telecommunication, or manufacturing automotive plastic parts, we have the expertise and capabilities to cater to all.

With our advanced injection molding technologies and facilities, we ensure the highest level of precision and quality in every product we manufacture. Our skilled team of professionals leverages their expertise to design and produce plastic parts that excel in performance,
durability, and functionality.

Partner with us, the industry’s leading plastic parts manufacturer and mold maker, and experience the difference of working with a trusted and reliable partner in the USA. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and witness the seamless integration of our top-notch plastic components into your industry’s products.

Metering Instrument

Durability and reliability are important features for metering and instrument components.

Barcode Printer & Surveillance Security

We have the competency to develop and manufacture printing and surveillance security equipment.

Consumer Electronics

Creative and precise solutions to adapt the fast changing pace of consumer electronic lifestyle products.

Healthcare & Medical Supplies

Improve the design and manufacture the medical components and tools to meet industry and governmental standard.


Complete tooling, mold making, & plastic injection molding of high precision parts for the telecommunications industry.


Extremely high quality products to cater to the growing automotive industry.